Wed March 15, 2000

Dear Ben,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers, for your notes and the pages from “One April in Boston”. I enjoyed reading them and look forward to reading the Book and to see the pictures of my sister Ella and Phil. The love my sister had for Phil was deep and sincere and she carried it in her heart all her life. Ella also received a letter from Phil before “going over the top”. It was after Phil was killed that Ella decided to become a nurse. She went into nursing at Griffin Hospital, in Derby, Conn. – she graduated in 1921. So far I have not yet been able to locate any old snaps of Ella, Phil, John and Ethel. If I do I’ll send them to you. In my excitement of receiving the flowers and your notes I completely forgot the young man who delivered it all. Please see that the young man receives the enclosed and my thanks.

I enjoyed the book of “Naugatuck” – it brought back many memories. I left Naugatuck in 1932 to live in Arlington, Virginia. In 1934 I came back to Naugatuck to marry Lloyd Lincoln Harkins, also from Naugatuck. After Lloyd’s death in 1973 I came back home to Conn. in 1975. I have enjoyed being near my relatives. Frances is a wonderful person and we keep close in touch.


Doris Harkins

I know it is not wise to send money in the mail but at this time I am changing banks and cannot write a check.

Image of  letter
Image of  letter