Boston History

Boston’s Liberty Tree

Liberty Tree was a large elm that stood at the corner of Orange and Essex streets. Planted in 1646, it was the site of the Sons of Liberty’s Stamp Act protest on August 14, 1765.

In August of 1767, a flag pole had been erected at Liberty Tree, passing through and above its highest branches. A flag flying from this location had been the signal for assembling the Sons of Liberty.

August 14, 1765

Pennsylvania Gazette scan

The Pennsylvania Gazette — August 29, 1765: Press coverage of the Stamp Act protest in Boston on August 14, 1765 at what became Liberty Tree.

August 1775

Pennsylvania Evening Post scan
The Pennsylvania Evening Post — September 9, 1775: Press coverage of Boston’s Liberty Tree being cut down by a group of Tories and British soldiers in August 1775.