One April in Boston

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The story of one family’s gift passed down from the time of the American Revolution. Fully illustrated, 256 pages.

One April in Boston is a children’s book unlike any other you have ever read. Written for ages 10-13, it teaches American history, the power of imagination, and the value of goal setting. In this unique book you will learn the real story of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride; witness the first shots of the American Revolution; attend the reading of the Declaration of Independence in Boston on July 18, 1776; visit the Paul Revere House in 1909; and much more. Originally published in 2000, One April in Boston appeared in 2015 with expanded content as an eBook. The second edition was released in print form in 2017 and features 48 original pen and ink illustrations created by Cortney Skinner. The 20th Anniversary Edition will be released in the fall of 2020.

A wonderfully illustrated children’s book
written by an author whose ancestors
lived in colonial Boston in 1775.

 After researching his Boston ancestors for six years, author Ben Edwards has crafted a tale that not only tells their story by tying in real connections to Paul Revere and Abraham Lincoln, but honors his relative Private Philip Edwards by revealing the gift he gave to the neighborhood children before leaving for France to fight in World War I and passing into legend.

When the story begins in April 1775, 10-year-old Ben Edwards carries a spyglass that once belonged to his grandfather, an early Boston sea captain. Ben believes he can glimpse the future through its lens. His goal is to work on a sailing ship and see the world. Can the spyglass and a member of the Sons of Liberty help Ben on his journey? Will his predictions about the future come true? By reading the book you’ll discover that Ben’s gift is something we all possess, a power that can help you on your own life’s journey—if you believe in it.

Read the Spyglass Blog, written by Ben Edwards and illustrator Cortney Skinner, created for the book’s 20th anniversary in 2020.

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The 20th Anniversary Edition of One April in Boston will be available in the fall of 2020 at the following locations:

Signed copies (personalized if requested) direct from the author – $15.00 plus shipping – see form below

The Paul Revere House Online Gift Shop – $15.00 plus shipping

The Paul Revere House Gift Shop at the Education and Visitor Center – $15.00

Old South Meeting House Gift Shop – $15.00

Old North Church Gift Shop – $15.00

Outside of Boston:

Buckman Tavern Museum Shop in Lexington, Massachusetts – $15.00*

*At this location only, the purchase price includes Free access to the MP3 audio version. Listen to an excerpt now.

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