One April in Boston MP3 Audio Files

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CD 1    
01 Introduction 4:27 4.3 MB
02 Spring at Last 11:44 11.3 MB
03 The Book 6:46 6.5 MB
04 The Apprentice 15:39 15 MB
05 The Sons of Liberty 11:48 11.3 MB
06 A Day of Rest 8:20 8 MB
07 Two Lanterns 12:02 11.6 MB
CD 2    
08 The Midnight Ride 11:12 10.7 MB
09 Lexington and Concord 18:40 17.9 MB
10 Independence 15:33 14.9 MB
11 The Future 9:22 9 MB
12 Millville 18:33 17.8 MB
CD 3    
13 Returning Home 29:09 28 MB
14 The Promise 29:29 28.3 MB
15 Did the Spyglass Exist? 3:41 3.5 MB
16 The Gettysburg Address 2:39 2.5 MB
17 Behind the Story 13:21 12.8 MB

Click here to download the audiobook’s cover art.

One April in Boston eBook

The 20th Anniversary Edition of One April in Boston contains 47 original pen and ink illustrations created by Cortney Skinner.

 Download the Free eBook at Apple Books. Download the Free eBook at Google Play.*

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One April in Boston Blog

Author Ben Edwards and illustrator Cortney Skinner have created a blog to celebrate the 20th anniversary of One April in Boston. In this blog, Ben and Cortney share the stories behind his illustrations, give the reader insight into his artistic process, and introduce plans for the new artwork Walking Boston and Spyglass Books, LLC have commissioned to mark the book’s 20th anniversary.

Visit the Spyglass Blog.

Photographs, Paintings, and Artifacts

Edwards Family

For online access to photographs, paintings, and artifacts that support the children’s book visit Here you’ll see items that have remained in the Edwards family for more than 250 years as well as 20th century photographs depicting people and places in the second half of the story. You’ll view three videos including the Book Trailer, eBook Launch Trailer, and Movie Project Trailer and listen to the audio recording “Audiobook Left at Marker Leads to Treasured Photo.”

A Letter From Ben Edwards

Dear Teachers and Parents,

I hope you and your families are healthy and taking the necessary precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. At this challenging time, with so many of you working to teach your students and children at home, I have some resources that I would like to share.

I am making my children’s audio and e-history book One April in Boston available free of charge. The book tells the story of my family and my Revere cousins through the eyes of a curious young boy. It shows how families responded to other difficult times in American history from the early history of Boston, including Paul Revere’s midnight ride and the American Revolution, and on through World War I. As a relative of Paul Revere and a Paul Revere House Board member, I have long been fascinated by history and the lessons it provides for important individual action at difficult times. I also feel strongly about making quality educational resources for children easily available.

In addition to my book, I encourage you to take advantage of the extensive free content on Paul Revere, his life and legacy, and the Paul Revere House that can be found at If you are looking for content that children can use to craft reports or you can use to develop online social studies classes, this is a great resource.

For those of you with the means, please consider supporting the Paul Revere House or a museum or cultural organization in your community that has provided joy or assistance to you in the past.

We’ll all get through this together. And when this is over we hope you will make the time to visit the Paul Revere House, we look forward to seeing you!

With sincere appreciation,

Ben Edwards
Board of Directors
Paul Revere Memorial Association/Paul Revere House