Testimonials from Teachers and Students

What Teachers are Saying


I have to say that in my 15 years of teaching, this was one of the best field trips ever! You were extremely informative and certainly knowledgeable about the subject matter. One can see the passion you have for history. Everything was perfect from beginning to end, despite our late arrival. We appreciate your willingness to be flexible and understanding of our group’s needs. Your props and different ways of getting the students engaged demonstrated a real talent of interpersonal communication skills. We plan to use your services again next year for sure!

You have inspired us so much, in fact, that we’re really taking this experience a step further. Here’s what we plan to do. We are reviewing all of the pictures with the students. They are recalling the interesting facts that you presented to us. We are printing out the photos of the sites, and each child will get a different subject to research. They will each write an essay about their picture, (The historical significance really….) and we’ll compile the writing and pictures into a 4th grade book. Wait…. there’s more…. we’ll use “Keynote” software to make a digital presentation of the photos and their work. We will certainly share the final product with you when we are finished.

We have done nothing but rave about your services to our colleagues upon our return. We have the green light to keep this field trip in our budget for next year. I’d be happy to share your business card with other teachers.

Stephanie Syre-Hager
Fourth Grade Teacher
Applewild School
Fitchburg, MA

From TripAdvisor –

Once again, Ben was awesome! Each year we bring our 5th graders on Ben’s tour and once again he did not disappoint. Ben’s ability to keep a group of 50+ engaged and excited is unparalleled. His knowledge of Boston is mesmerizing and part of his charm is knowing his audience. For example, he kept giving clues to a larger riddle that had the kids racking their brains trying to figure out. It was just hard enough to hook them but not to hard that they were turned off. I would recommend Ben without reservation for either a large group like the one we took last month or for a small group tour which I have done in the past with my family. Simply put: Ben’s the BEST!

Mike O’Connor
Happy Hollow School
Wayland, MA


I wanted to personally tell you that my expectations for today’s trip were far exceeded. You not only gave the students a great foundation of history, but you also spiced it with enough interest and third grade humor, that they LOVED the trip. I keep hearing, “That was AWESOME!” They did not say the same for Plimoth Plantation. So that’s a testament to you as a guide.

If you ever need a recommendation or anything, I’d be happy to help promote your tour. I hope the third grade makes this a regular event in the Spring. We’re very much looking forward to listening to your book.

Also, Alee Rogers was impressed with your unique ability to educate, entertain, and engage while effectively managing such a large group.

Many many thanks,

Amy Heutel
Cambridge Friends School
Cambridge, MA

From TripAdvisor –

Once again my fifth grade class was enthralled by the magic of our American history that Ben Edwards relates. I travel from Cape Cod with my class each year so they can have an outdoor classroom with Ben. He makes the book reading and rigorous research of the classroom come alive and have true meaning. Ben takes care to know what I have been teaching, then puts the lessons in a fast-paced tour that encompasses answering all the students’ questions, seeing everything and playing a learning game. Ben’s knowledge is boundless, his tours never bore me although it has probably been yearly tours for eight years. Ben stays aware of new events, historical finds, and special things to see and know about.

Bravo, Ben!

Sue Vandemoer
Cape Cod Academy
Osterville, MA

Dear Mr. Edwards,

On behalf of the students and chaperones of Salem Christian School, we want to extend a warm “thank you”. Every chaperone commented on your ability to speak to the children and keep their attention. This is not an easy task to adjust your information to meet the needs of students of all ages and interests. Each student felt that this was our best field trip of the year, and we have taken five already! Several students have already listened to your book and enjoyed the story from start to finish. I was impressed by your depth of information about the historical sites. You truly made history “come alive”.

Thanks for personalizing our tour by talking with individual children and giving them souvenirs (postcards) and special gifts! The two students, who missed the trip, heard all the rave reviews from the others…they were sincerely sorry that the trip was missed! We wish you success in your tour business and will heartily recommend your services to any of our friends or family who are looking for a great way to see Boston.

Laura Spanos
Salem Christian School
Salem, NH

Dear Ben,

Thanks for a very successful tour for our entire 5th grade class of over 140 students. Many of the teachers and chaperones who went have told me this was the best field trip they have ever been on – and that’s going a long way considering they were moms who’ve been going on field trips with their kids for years and teachers who’ve been on a number of successful field trips during their careers! I would like to know, when can I reserve you for next year?

Ellen Horton
Freeman-Kennedy School
Norfolk, MA

Recently, I had the great pleasure of touring Boston for my third time. This trip, as the group leader for more than 30 high school social studies teachers, I acquired Ben Edwards as our guide. Ben worked with me via email for a few months tweaking what I wanted and what he could suggest for our group. Together we came up with a stellar tour (mostly Ben’s ideas, only one was really mine). Ben arranged a reasonable, full day schedule for us and off we went. Ben’s ability to tell the Story of History made the tour a treasure trove of tidbits, intrigue and rich content. Ben was a “historian”! Each stop had us anxiously waiting for him to start the next part of the story and show us his next primary source. If you intend to visit Boston, be sure Ben Edwards is with you. For every future trip I plan to Boston, Ben Edwards will be our guide.

Pamela Gothart
Teaching American History Project Director
Madison County Schools
Huntsville, AL

Dear Ben,

The tour for our 29 English language learners from Haiti, Brazil and Vietnam was wonderful. The kids in grades 5-11 were talking about it all day today. We are going to keep up the focus on family history and setting goals throughout the rest of our program. For the goalsetting piece, we’ll be using “the spyglass” element from your book to help us out. I was able to download the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” from your website and use it as a teaching tool. Thanks again for a great afternoon.

Jim Burke
Randolph Community Middle School
Randolph, MA

Recently our 52 fifth graders left Keene, New Hampshire for a field trip to Boston’s Freedom Trail. We were fortunate to have Ben Edwards as our Tour Guide. He is a passionate about colonial times and the Revolutionary War. Ben’s ancestors arrived in Boston over 300 years ago, and Ben has been studying his genealogy and facts about this period of time since he was a child. Ben has a wonderful personality and related to the children extremely well. He asked them many questions so they were able to participate and share their knowledge from our fifth grade colonial unit. We all enjoyed standing at the spots where history happened, and most children agreed their favorite spot was the Old North Church. Our lunch break at Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market was entertaining for all. I highly recommend Ben Edwards as a Tour Guide if you are thinking of a trip to Boston. You won’t be disappointed.

Donna Cary
Symonds School
Keene, NH

From TripAdvisor –

Our 130 fifth graders toured Boston with Ben this past April over the course of 3 days. His love of history is infectious and his heritage is amazing. Look no further! This is the tour to take! Ben has “tricks” up his sleeve to hold the attention of the preteen generation and the kids loved him! We keep going back every year!

Michelle Meloche
Leicester Memorial School
Leicester, MA

What Students are Saying

Dear Ben,

You were the most amazing tour guide ever! You were really kind and really layed back which I really liked about you. One thing that I learned from you was that in the last graveyard we went to, Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, people shot musketballs on that grave because it said ‘Sons of Liberty’. I thought that was so interesting. I also learned in the Paul Revere House what the lifestyles were like in (about) the 1700’s – 1800’s. I loved how you had connections to the Revolutionary War. I also really liked how you included us during the tour… LOVED the bonnets. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing. You’re absolutely GREAT at it. GO BEN!!


Lauryn G.

“Thank you for taking off work to take us around Boston.”

“I have claimed this trip to be the most exciting and memorable field trip of my life.”

“Thank you for teaching me that when you ask questions you learn.”

“You are a grate tour guide! I can’t wait to read your book!”

“I think it’s really cool that you are related to Paul Revere!”

“I wish I could have you as a tour guide for all the tours I go on. I was never board.”

“Thank you for being such a good tourist for our class.”

“Yesterday was the best field trip I ever had! When I stepped out of the bus I said to myself “I am stepping on history.”