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“The Ultimate in Boston Tours”
Five Stars

“I cannot imagine a more wonderful tour and a more perfect guide! The walk really does take one to all the great sites. And Ben’s knowledge of people, places, events and dates is absolutely incomparable. And he truly brings history to life with a seemingly inexhaustible archive of lively stories, some of them connected in fascinating ways to the lives of his own ancestors. He knows how to communicate on many different levels, capturing the attention and imagination of the teenager while also satisfying the curiosity and interests of the mature adult. He paces the walk beautifully, too, making every moment rich with significant historical details.

My nephew and I will never forget Ben and the tour he gave us! An experience the two of us will treasure! Don’t miss the opportunity to take one of his tours!”

David K
New York City, New York

“A Must in Boston!”
Five Stars

“I am a teacher, and I wanted to get a close look at Boston’s rich history. Who better to help me? Ben! I have two “Tweens” and a husband who were less than thrilled about a guided tour when I first booked it. However, ten minutes into the tour my husband and kids were saying “this is awesome!” Ben is knowledgeable, kind, works great with kids, and very patient. He has personal historical connections with the city, and knows so much about it! The only way to truly experience the city of Boston is with Ben. I have so much information to bring back to my classroom and my family has memories that will last a lifetime. This is the real deal! Thank you!!!!!!!!”

Emily S
Metairie, Louisiana

“First Rate Private Tour of the Freedom Trail”
Five Stars

“We chose to take Ben Edwards’ extended walking tour of the Freedom Trail after reading all of the positive reviews, and after taking it, we couldn’t agree more with all of the glowing comments. Our family of five, including children ages 17, 14 and 12, all enjoyed the tour and learned a great deal about Boston’s role in our nation’s history. Our stop at the Parker House and lunch in JFK’s booth at the Union Oyster House were wonderful treats. Ben knows everyone at both of these establishments which results in very special service. Ben keeps the tour engaging for all ages through connections to his own family history, his backpack of maps, documents, and original newspapers, and his trivia contest. Ben helped us to commemorate the tour by taking and emailing us family photos and providing the kids with a special copy of the Declaration of Independence. He truly goes above and beyond before, during and after the tour!”

Betsy G
Tampa, Florida

“Hands Down, Best Private Walking Tour… Ever”
Five Stars

“Ben has a gift for working with families and, in particular, children. As a historian, I appreciated the meticulous research and detail that went into the tour. As a father, I was grateful for Ben’s ability to read my 8-year-old daughter’s attention span and make improvised adjustments to the tour to hold her interest. More important, I feel like Ben completely customized his tour to meet our interests and schedule. It’s no wonder he is the tour guide of historians, celebrities and even other tour guides. I can’t recommend this tour enough. Worth every penny.”

Todd A
Chicago, Illinois

“Ben’s Walking Tour Made My Trip to Boston the Best Vacation I Have Ever Taken!!!”
Five Stars

“Ben made my first visit to Boston an unforgettable experience. I had always heard Boston was a beautiful city filled with amazing history, but I never imagined I would enjoy it so much and learn a great amount of history at the same time, which is all thanks to Ben’s extraordinary walking tour. Ben brought Boston’s history to life in a very fun and enjoyable way. Due to his family’s connection to Paul Revere and his clear love for history, Ben is very knowledgeable to all things Boston. He explains the history with such passion and energy that it makes the tour extremely enjoyable.

“Ben met my boyfriend and I at the lobby of our hotel and from there we began what is the greatest tour I have ever taken. We began the tour by stopping at the bench from the iconic scene in Good Will Hunting, where Ben captured some great pictures of us. We then took off for our tour down the Freedom Trail, stopping at various historical sites. Ben brought various original historical documents and newspapers, which made the history come to life. With the cold temperature he even threw in some coffee breaks for us to warm up.

Ben also took us to some amazing spots that we would have never even noticed without him. One of my favorite parts of the tour was when Ben took us to the Parker House Hotel to try some Boston Cream Pie. We were pleasantly surprised when the pie came with my name on it. Ben had coordinated with the restaurant to make the experience extra special. Plus, the cream pie was delicious.

“By far, Ben’s walking tour is one of the most memorable experiences that I have had on vacation. I certainly believe that this tour can be enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages.

“Ben may be the closest thing you’ll ever get to walking Boston with a member of the Sons of Liberty or spending the afternoon with Paul Revere himself.”

Stacy M
Miami, Florida

Additional guest review snippets:

 “And speaking of stories, Ben gave our kids a copy of his historical novella One April in Boston that weaves an epic tale of one Boston family and a magical spyglass that is passed on from the night of Paul’s famous ride down through generations and beautifully connected to a WWI hero. Our daughter was so inspired by the book and our day with Ben that she is now working on her own historical novel. Thanks Ben! I couldn’t recommend Walking Boston highly enough to anyone with or without kids.”

Mike N
Los Angeles, California

“This is an EVENT, not just a tour!”

“Ben made us feel like we had known him forever.”

“Great tour packed with information, fun and extras.”

“I usually have a short attention span but Ben was fun to hang with and everyone from our 5-year-old to the adults were mesmerized.”

“I can without a doubt and without hesitation say it is the best walking tour I have ever done in Boston and will ever do.”

“If I could give 30 stars, I would.”

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